English 3201


Sips and Bites

Media Journals 2

visual terms powerpoint with Antigone questions at the end

This is where info for 3201 will be housed. The first unit-essays-can be accessed by clicking on the link provided.

Unit 1 My Favorite Place (text book) and question 2

Write a descriptive essay -first draft

stanley-the-talking-squirrel + questions

Write a narrative essay, first draft

the-amazing-science-behind-pets-who-find-their-way-home + chart on essay elements

The Case for Ending Invasive Research on Chimpanzees (text)  +chart on essay elements


Write a persuasive essay 1st draft

Choose one of your draft essays and do a final copy

All drafts of essays, final copy, questions due October 18.

Essay test, October 18.


Unit 2 Catcher in the Rye2014


Catcher in the Rye Characters


Unit 3 Antigone antigone-notes


Unit 4 poetry poetry-and-visuals-3201-a

Answers for The Road Not Taken


Peppermint Rock ans



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